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What is your new patient procedure?

We ask that patients call or text us directly to book an appointment. You can also book an appointment directly through ZocDoc or the ZocDoc links on this website.

Patients fill out forms to help us get to know your needs before your first appointment. This information allows us to be prepared to help you.

What if I do not see my insurance plan listed?

We are in-network with most major health insurance plans. Please contact us if you have an insurance plan not listed on our 'Insurance Plans' page.

What if I have Medicare?

We are not currently in-network with Medicare. Medicare covers kidney disease and diabetes. If you do not have one of those conditions, nutrition counseling will not be covered. If you have secondary insurance with Medicare as your primary plan, please call us to discuss your options. 

What if I have Medicaid?

We are not currently in-network with any Medicaid plan. Please call us to discuss our out-of-pocket rates.

How much will my co-payment be?

Some plans require a co-pay during each visit depending on the visit reason. Others only require a co-payment after a certain amount of meetings. We can discuss the process with you. Most plans do not require a co-payment.

Does my plan apply a deductible or co-insurance?

Some plans will require you to meet your deductible before meeting with us, but this is not common. Some plans do require co-insurance applied to each visit, but this is also not common.

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